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LED Mapping Visualizer - TouchDesigner

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

LED Mapping Visualizer is a TouchDesigner based LED mapping tool. This visualizer was created for the purpose of mapping LED matrix. The features are:

  1. Define LED matrix size. The actual LED matrix will be visualized in preview window.

  2. Add your media content to the list, Support image and movie file format. Full list of supported file type can be found here.

  3. The tool will caculate total prameters and DMX universe for you.

  4. You will be able to manipulate output of LEDs' color, brightness, saturation.

  5. Map the media comtent to LED matrxi by using position dails.

  6. Four basic effects has been created and the speed of those effects are fully customizable by using SPEED slider.

  7. The content in "Output" window will be output to LEDs.

  8. "PUSH" button : Push preview media content to output. Cross Fade time will be effected

  9. "PAUSE": Pause push process. Press again to release paush and push will resume.

  10. "BACK": Stomp push and pause, bring the content back to previous one. Only one step back.

  11. NOTE: The intial file is using serial port as output, you might change to DMX OUT chop in TouchDesigner to output DMX/Artnet /sACN.

  12. This tool is made by TouchDesigner Build 2020.23680.

Download : here

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