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Download | 下载

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How to install | 如何安装

1. After download, DO NOT unzip the file.

2. Launch Vectorworks, navigate to  Tool >> Plug-ins >> Plug-in Manager >> Third-party Plug-ins

3. Click on INSTALL, select unzipped "Drafting Tools" file.

4. After installing, re-launch Vectorworks.

5. Add Tool to your menu by navigating to Tool >> Workspaces >> Edit Current Workspace.

6. Click on "Menus" tab, all tools are listed under " 7-Lights", adding tools by dragging it to right column, place it into your workspace menus as your prefer.

1. 下载后,无须解压压缩包。 

2. 打开Vectorworks, 找到  Tool(工具) >> Plug-ins(插件) >> Plug-in Manager(插件管理器) >> Third-party Plug-ins(第三方插件)


4. 安装后,Vectorworks会提示需要重启,重启Vectorworks。

5. 重启后,调整您的工作界面,通过 Tool(工具) >> Workspaces(工作界面) >> Edit Current Workspace(编辑工作界面).

6. 选择Menus(菜单),工具在 " 7-Lights"下(界面如下图), 拖动工具到右侧您希望的菜单位置。 然后选择确定。

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